Tuesday, May 15, 2012

{for the Bride-to-be}

I'm in the process of planning a bridal shower for a good friend of mine. There are so many different ideas and I would like the shower to be a calm and relaxed vibe with an elegant style. Most showers I have been to are the same thing over and over. You eat the same finger foods, play the same games, and sometimes, the decor can be a little cheesy (no offense to those balloon lovers). My goal is to give the guests a unique experience.

Since I'm now in the professional event planning world, I feel that I need to come up with something spectacular for the Bride! Here are a few ideas I'm pondering and hopefully I can figure out the direction I want to go...

the theme - simple and elegant 

What more can I say?

 This was from my soon to be cousin's bridal brunch. So impressed with my Aunt and cousin's creative abilities. Must run in the family :)



Love, with a pop of color.

the food - light and savory


Doughnut and fruit skewers...perfect for a brunch.

Yogurt bar? The toppings are endless...I'm thinking strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, bananas, nuts, and mini chocolate chips. Perfect for anytime of the day...plus it's not as filling.



Light appetizers for an afternoon brunch. My thoughts are not to serve heavy appetizers since many people will have had lunch before they come. 

the drinks - sweet and refreshing

Champagne cocktails...absolutely. Add a little bubbly to any concoction. Martha is always right!

Beverage bar to suite every guests' needs - juice, mimosas, tea...the possibilities are endless. I think this is the route I need to go!

Hopefully my ideas can help any bridesmaids who have a hard time with decisions like myself. Also, if you find any ideas to help with my dilemma, give us a shout; we would love to hear your comments and input!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bridesmaids in skirts...genius!

I ran across these photos on Pinterest and absolutely loved the idea! Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on bridesmaid dresses (you and I both know will never be worn again), buy your girls skirts and blouses! They can wear these pieces on more than one occasion, plus you can incorporate your own personality with the many options that come with skirts...

- Mix and Match

- Patterns

- Different Lengths

 - Tulle!!

Some other options you can consider when designing your perfect bridesmaid "outfit"...
                                                - Same style, different colors
                                                - Same color, different styles
                                                - Add accessories 
                                                - Textures