Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Well, it has been quite a week!  I'm sure we are all just trying to keep up this holiday season.  With the New Year right around the corner, we are taking some time to set goals for ourselves and our company. 

I know we haven't been blogging much, but with Christmas, New Years, Blush Brides and weddings, we have been B.U.S.Y!!

We will come back after the first of the year with some great stuff for you.

And to all of you newly engaged couples....Congratulations! 

Happy New Year!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Personalized wine glasses

We just had our company Christmas party. And, here is what we gave to all our special ladies...

Each wine glass was custom created by an awesome artist, She added special touches to each glass showing their favorite things, including their name and favorite color. They were a hit!

And, she creates these wonderful wine glasses for bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts as well. How fun is this?!?! Set these on the head table for the toasts and all your guests will be talking! And, you can have a bride and groom set made as well.

You can get wine, martini, shot glasses and beer mugs. Seriously, these are so stinkin' cute.

So, visit right now!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Knot

New issue of The Knot came out today in the midwest. Our bride has a huge spread. Thanks to T&J Studios for some amazing photos.

Go get your copy today!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wichita Center for the Arts Holiday Tables

We are so excited to be a part of Holiday Tables this year. It is a fund raiser for the Wichita Center for the Arts. Our table's theme is "Wintertainment". Our colors are cream, blue, green and purple. You have to come check it out!!

A bunch of very talented people have put together amazing tables with all sorts of themes.

You can visit the Gallery and view the tables starting tomorrow until Sunday.

For more information, contact Wichita Center for the Arts 634-2787.
9112 E Central Ave.
Wichita, KS 67206

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bible Study Recap for 10/26

This week there were a lot of ladies absent so we decided to hold off on our study on Opportunity and continue it next Monday, 11/2. Next week we will do studies 4 and 5: Opportunity and Ornament.

This week, try out the practical application for Ornament and come next Monday ready to share how well, or not so well, it worked out!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bible study notes

We had such a great discussion in our first study group. We reviewed the first 2 lesson of our booklet. Here are some of the questions, answers and great points our group had to offer.

Lesson 1
In this lesson the statement is made "our significance comes from God, not others". I find this a totally liberating statement. If I don't have to find all my value in what my husband thinks of me or my actions, then I am not looking to him for constant affirmation. What a burden lifted from his shoulders. When I know God provides me with my worth and self esteem I am not searching for what my husband cannot provide.

In Genesis, God created man, saw that it was not good for him to be alone, and then created a helper for him. We asked the question, "What do you think of when you hear the word helper?". We had a lot of good answers, but 1 that struck me, b/c I felt the same, was the word maid or assistant. That's what I think of as a helper. And, honestly, I don't have time to be someones maid! But, upon further review of the word, we realized that in order to be a helper to someone, you have to possess something of value that they do not possess.

To be a helper is an exalted position. You cannot help someone if you are less than them. Being in a position to help someone means you are in a place of power. And, this is a perfect lead in to lesson 2!

In Lesson 2, we read that Jesus, knowing He was from God and would return to God, asked himself what He could do here on earth. And his answer was serve. Is He less than us b/c He is our everpresent help in trouble? NO! He is in a place of power, and that is why He is able to help us. All of this to say that 1. We are to follow Christ's example to be a servant and 2. Being a helper to our husbands is a powerful thing!

Our first discussion question in lesson 2 was "What does the world teach us about submission?" Several ladies agreed that the world thinks we give up who we are if we submit, that it's a controling relationship or we are enslaved. The bible completely disagrees, as we will see throughout this study:).

This lesson is a building block to all that is yet to come. It is an intro into why we have to submit and who we have to submit to. I will make this very easy and clear.

We submit b/c we sinned. We submit to God, goverment rulers, husbands and others. Christ says in 1 Corinthians 11:3 The authority of every man is Christ, of every woman is man and the authority of Christ is God.
In everything God created, he wanted order. He does not like chaos. So to have structure in the family, he created order by having wives submit to their husbands. This study is mostly about the womens role, b/c it's a women's study. But Christ designed the marriage structure to be a cycle. If a husband is loving his wife like Christ loved the church and putting her needs in front of his own, than it is easy to submit to him b/c we know he is leading from a place of love.

As you go through this study, do not concentrate on what your husband is or is not doing. We will get to that part later:). Instead, focus on what God is saying to you. Strive to be the wife that God called you to be.

Ending thought:
From Lana Packer's 'Building love, joy and commitment'
"The Son of God is not inferior to the Father. Rather, the Son willingly submits to the Father's authority. They have different functions, but they are equal in essence and worth. Women are equal to men in their personhood, yet have different roles in the home."

We also discussed the practical applications in every lesson. I encourage you to read these at the begining of the week so that you can put them into practice as long as possible. The application for this week is to pray for a heart of submission at the start of each day. Take notes, or write in a journal, but try to observe what changes, good or bad, come from these practical applications. We will discuss them at the next lesson!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Facebook link

Yeah! We have a PURL or personal url for facebook:). If you want to see our facebook page, go to

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Event furniture rental

We are so excited to talk about the new furniture that is available for your next event. Furniture Options, next to Abode Home, has a whole line of rental furniture. This is a great way to add additional seating and contemporary feel to any event. The non-traditional seating allows guests to have conversation areas. It encourages mingling as opposed to its counter part, formal dinner seating. It's important to have a mixture of both for sure. But adding a few groupings of these great pieces will definitley make a statement at your next event!

This bar is so cool. You can put a light behind to shine color through the middle area. Add the same color of signature drink and you have a party starter!

The guys at Furniture Options would love to talk to you about your next party. Give 'em a call!

Bible study recap for October 5th

Well, we had several ladies unable to make the bible study this week. So we decided to start next Monday. We will do both lessons on the 12th. I know there were several ladies out of town, so I hope to see you all next Monday!

And as you are going through your lesson, if you have questions, please feel free to post them here and we can get good discussions going!

See you on the 12th!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Bridal Wishlist: With This Ring: Ring Pillows by Jubilation Events is the modern wedding guide for modern brides

Jubilation Events pillows were featured on the Bridal Wishlist blog. How cool is that!!! Thank you "WishList" we appreciate that you like our stuff. To read the blog, click the link below.

The Bridal Wishlist: With This Ring: Ring Pillows by Jubilation Events is the modern wedding guide for modern brides

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Real Wedding: Annie and David

Annie and David were married on August 22nd at the Scottish Rite. Their color scheme was black and white. To enhance their color scheme, they added accents of green in all of their flowers.

Working with Annie and David was such a pleasure. The wedding day went flawflessly due to their commitment to detail communication to their vendors.

All bridesmaids wore black cocktail dresses and each had its own unique style.

The ceremony was held upstairs at the Scottish Rite in the auditorium. Annie and David hired a string quartet to play the ceremony music that established a very romantic mood. The couple had a HUGE wedding party. Guests began to laugh as all 10 groomsmen entered the room.

The reception was probably one of the most fun I have worked in a while. As you can imagine, having a wedding party of 19 there is sure to be quite a bit of laughter on the dance floor.
For favors, Annie had ordered milk and dark chocolate mini candies with their name and wedding date printed on the label. All centerpieces were tall floral arrangments and full of candles. The 3 tiered wedding cake was very sophisticated and elegant with black ribbon and adorned with hydrangea and peonies. The grooms cake was shaped into the state of Texas, which is where the groom's family members reside.

Instead of your typical toast to the bride and groom, the maid of honor and best men made sure to give "Shank" (ie: the groom) a good roasting while the bride laughed along with the guests.
Congratulations on your marriage Annie and David!

A very special thanks to all of Annie and David's vendors: JBD Photography, Corporate Caterers, Jack Hall Floral, Accent Mobile DJ and Cameo Cakes.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bible Study Update

Ok, we have had a lot of ladies write in and tell us that they are very excited for the bible study. But, some girls are busy on Monday's. So, we are going to add a new element to the study of how to be a good wife.

We are going to get everyone the book, whether or not they can attend, so they can do the lessons at home. Throughout the week, we are going to ask all members to post thoughts, comments, realizations, struggles or anything they are going through on our blog. This will be a great way for us to experience this study together. And, on Tuesdays, we will post on our blog the discussion highlights from the Monday night group.

We want to include anyone that is interested. And this will give people the opportunity to hear what God's word has to say about being a wife even if they can't attend.

So if you are interested in doing the bible study with us, but cannot attend the meetings, send me your contact info to get the booklet to you. We will start out first blog post Tuesday October 6th.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall Inspired Wedding Cakes

I've decided to give Tinley a break and do a blog myself :) This blog is dedicated to you themed brides out there!! Here are a few tips for fall wedding cakes...

Make the most of your fall wedding by picking a cake with fall flavors.

Instead of white cake, choose pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting, spiced cake with cream butter frosting, or almond lemon cake with lemon frosting!
Decorate the cake with maple elaves, acorns, branches, or other inspired fall embellisments. We love the way the colors graduate from dark to light!
Consider these fall colors to be apart of your wedding cake: marigold, red, brown, bronze, yellow, burnt orange, or deep pink.I found this helpful wedding advice from The Knot: Whether you've already picked a cake design, or you've decided to take your cake in a not-so-seasonal direction, consider adding a side to serve with your cake to mimic the season. Serve cake à la mode with pumpkin ice cream; add a handful of caramel candies to each plate; or serve each slice with warm poached pears. One of our favorites is adding mini carmel apples to the dessert table. Yum!
Cake photos courtesy The Knot and InStyle Weddings

Bible study for new or soon to be wives

I'm sure most of you have heard about our bible study starting October 5 at 7:00pm. We will be studying what the bible has to say about being a good wife. The main verses for this study are 1 Peter 3:1-7.

We are so excited to get this group of women together to talk about this! We see so many couples getting married every year. And, we thought, how can we glorify God in our business. And the bible study idea seemed like a great fit.

We are inviting anyone and everyone to this study. Whether you are getting married someday, getting married soon, just married or have been married for years, we would love to have you come. When you open God's word, you will be blessed!

The study will be every Monday night at 7:00pm for 6 weeks. We are meeting at our office, The Stables, at 322 S. Mosley Ste 15. The books are $5 and we would like to get them mailed out to everyone before the study. You can pay for the books on October 5th.

So if you are interested in attending and have not already sent me your address and other contact information, please do so!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Real Wedding: Megan and Matt

Megan and Matt were married on June 20th. The reception was held at Century Plaza downtown. Megan had very specific likes! For example, she loves barbie pink, shoes and the kids she teaches. Here is how she incorporated all her loves into her wedding.
These shoes are absolutely adorable. And, peeking out of the bottom of her wedding dress, they made a fun statement. She took the shoe idea and incorporated it into her candy buffet at the reception as well.
To save on budget and not waste beautiful arrangements from Moore's flowers, the bride used her ceremony flowers at the reception as well. While all the guests were at the cocktail hour, we moved the ceremony balls to the reception guest tables. Good thinking!

Megan had all of her first graders write down their advice on marriage. She printed them on the backs of each table number and stuck it in the middle of each arrangement. This was a lot of fun for the guests to learn a little about Megan and Matt as a couple and get a few good laughs.
This is the candy buffet that Megan designed. She had great candies picked out. Some store bought, some home made, but all creatively displayed.
"The way you make a marriage work is don't sass him." Jane - Age 7
Another very creative idea was to have a gourmet burger bar. This was not just hamburgers! Corporate Caterers grilled hamburgers on site and then had a TON of different sauces, garnishes and breads. Megan made menus that sat at every place setting. The DJ, Accent Mobile, reminded everyone to pick their toppings before they went to eat.
Megan and Matt made is extra special by telling the guests their favorite flavor combinations. They named a few others as well. Guests really got to know a little bit about this couple at every turn!
"The best marriage advice is to choo with your mouth closed" Madison - Age 7
Finally, the bride and groom danced the night away with family and friends.
Congratulations Megan and Matt and thank you for letting us be a part of your special day.
And, a very special thank you to T&J Studios for letting us have these photos. As you can see, they do an amazing work!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Trends we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE (and some we don't) Part 2

Stacey posted her "trends" blog awhile back. And now I have mine to share. With so many ideas floating around the wedding world, it's hard to say what is in and what is out. And traditionally, in Kansas, we are a little behind times anyway. So, that makes it even harder to say what's in or out around the rest of the country without scaring the crap out of you. So, I think the most important thing to remember is it's your wedding. If you love it, do it! If you don't love it, don't do it!
Ok, here are my trends I love, trends I think have a shelf life and trends I think are over.

Trends I love:

Signature drinks - especially when they are a bright color, or named somthing cute to represtent the couple.

Colorful bridal shoes - OMG is all I have to say!

Custom cake stands

Bright colored ring bearer pillows


Aisles with petals designs - not just sprinkled, but actual designs

Mixing metals

Lounge seating instead of traditional tables - You can afford it with the new company we are working with. Your grandma may not understand the concept, but we LOVE it.

Trends with a shelf life:

Inspiration boards

DYI projects

Food stations - Long buffet lines are so boring and they make your guests feel like cattle. Food stations encourage guests to mingle and eat through out the evening so that it is more entertainment than just eating. Try fun foods and add lots of ways for guests to customize their meals. If you have fries, have like 8 different sauces.

Floral chandeliers

Lighting designers

Monochromatic color schemes - If you are in the Wichita area, you need to go see the Moore's flower showroom. I saw their purple display and about fell over! And if you know me, I stay away from alot of purples in my events. But this was the perfect example of mono. color schemes.

Charcoal grey and ______: Like Stacey said with brown, this is just an awesome neutral that brides should consider more.

Trends I think are over:


Photo montages

TULLE, especially with twinkle lights

Chocolate fountains - they are messy and over done. There are so many other ways to incorporate fun, colorful desserts without asking me to dip my fingers into the community chocolate bowl.

Bouquet and Garter tosses
If you are encorporating any of these last few things into your wedding, please don't be offended. My opinions are just that, opinions! :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ray's Party Rental Showroom

Last week, we spent our days with the team at Ray's Party Rental. We took apart their show room and put it back together. They approached us a few weeks ago to redecorate the show room for fall and transition into Christmas. We had a lot of fun.

But, as you look through these table set ups, remember that the goal was not elaborate design. The goal was to use the linens that they have in stock to produce unique color combinations and ideas to show people how to use linens in different ways. The goal was to rent stuff!

On this table set up, along with the first table show, we used grey as our focus. The first table is silver satin with black picture frames laid down and lamps put in the middle. Now, we would have loved to fill this table with bright red flowers, but this table will be up for weeks and they just wouldn't last. Then, on the second table we used metals as our inspiration. The silver cloth is combined with gold satin sashes wrapped around the chairs vertically and along the table top. Both tables are fairly contemporary in feel.

This table set up was very fall! We used golds and burnt oranges. Then we mixed the basic poly linens on bottom with crinkled satin linens on top to add some texture. We used 3 hurricane shades with pillar candles in the middle with gold chargers and fun fall accents. The chairs are ivory with gold sashes.
This table was too cute and just for the babies! Again, we used silver satin as our base (they have a lot of that in stock). We used metal boxes to stage our pumpkins at different heights. And we put pumpkin color kits at each setting for the kiddos to stay entertained. This is a great table for any event that has several kids.

We set up their tall bar with a signature drink arrangement on top. For the open house in November, we will fill these glasses with a green signature drink. We used orchids around to add color.

This table quickly became known as the peacock table. This was not our original vision, but the green crinkle satin was just a stunning color! And mixed with the teals, blues and purples of fall, we thought it was awesome. It's hard to get a great look, and because I am not a professional photographer, you will need to visit the show room to get the full effect of all these table arrangments!!!

Here is another setting you need to see to believe:). This is one of the beds that Rays rents. We covered it in a cloth, added low cocktail tables in matching eggplant, threw on some pillows and you have occassional seating. We added cream paper lanterns above each table to look like lamps. FUN FUN.

This table was set up as a long double sided guest table or head table. We did a little DIY project and added the Mr. and Mrs. signs to the chairs. We wanted to use the candelabras as centerpieces, but we wanted color as well. So we put brown wicker balls with red hydrangea in the center of each one and added candles on the smaller arms. We added silver chargers and red napkins and sashes.
The linen on this table has to be one of my favorites. The copper crushed satin, it's so beautiful. We used this linen to go from the fall section to the christmas section of the showroom. The tied a "flower" into the top of the linen so that no centerpiece was needed. Then, set it up as a place card table. One of our girls had fun naming all the guests. I think scrooge, baby Jesus, Kevin Mcallister and the Grinch were a few of the people invited:).
This is where we featured the stage and ceremony area. We did it in Christmas decor, but non-traditional colors. We picked copper, brown and red to tie into the fall theme in the rest of the show room. We love these new brown pillars that Rays just got in.
Over all, we had a lot of fun redoing all of this! You need to go by the showroom, even if it's just to take a peek! It looks SO much better in person!

Friday, September 11, 2009

DIY favor bag

We saw another blogger talking about creating your own favor bags. So we thought we would give it a try. And, I think they turned out pretty cute. And, they are super cost effective for the bride on a budget. They might be a little big for favors, but here are some other ways you could use these fun personalized bags:

Guest hotel welcome bags

bridesmaid or groomsmen gift bags

to go bags for late night snacks
kids activity bags
The first bag has 2 different ribbons lined up on top of each other. Then we took two fun printed papers and cut them out in 2" and 1 3/4" inch squares. Then we printed a monogram letter and cut it into a 1 1/2" square. We used glue dots from our local scrapbooking store to hold it all together. The great thing about this is you can make them exactly how you want!
The next bag has a custom printed thank you note on the front and a fun decal on the back. We cut it in a 2 1/2" rectangle and cut both bottoms with scallop scissors. Then we used a ruler to get a tight fold and stuck it on the bag with glue dots.

These projects are great for a girls night with all your bridesmaids. Get a bottle of wine, pretty paper, brown bags and have FUN!

You can check out a downloadable file to make these for wedding from one of our favorite blogs: and search for DYI brown bag label.