Thursday, April 26, 2012

{Your Story}

How did you and your soulmate meet? When did you officially fall in love? I'm bet there are many questions from family and friends who might not have all the answers.

I found this cute idea (thanks to Pinterest) that can be used in several ways! Also a great way to spend some time with your loved one and reminisce about your lives together. Sit down with your significant other and make a timeline of major events - when you met, first kiss, when you fell in love, when he proposed, etc. After you come up with a list of dates (day, month and year please), share your story with the guests at your wedding! This can even be used at an engagement party, rehearsal dinner, or if you're married, share at your anniversary celebration. This little piece of history can be kept to hang in your home together. 

I love the chalkboard idea (picture) or you could have the list printed and put in a decorative frame. Get creative!

 Share your story with us! 
Post the story of how you met in the comments below! We love to hear stories about how a couple met, so make sure to leave your comments!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Beauty...from Pinterest

Prom! Weddings! The season is in full bloom! You have the dress, the shoes, the flowers picked out, but you haven't thought about the most important piece...your LOOK. 

As many will agree, where would we be if Pinterest didn't exist?? Okay, maybe not spending countless hours searching through all the neat D.I.Y. projects and new ways to do our own hair but there's so many ideas to gather for your hair and makeup and even better because these tips are free! 

Make sure to schedule an appointment with a professional to give you the look you are desiring on your big day!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

D.I.Y. Pomander Balls!

REALLY like the look of pomander balls (also known as kissing balls) but not the price? Depending on the size of each ball, they can range in price from $20 to over $200 a piece from a florist! Each ball is packed full of flowers, which is why the cost is so much. 

If your creative or not, there is an easy way to get this similar look by doing it yourself. Yes, I said yourself! This project may take up many hours and a few hands, but it will cut your costs in half plus some.


  What you need: 
Choice of fabric (about 2 yards for a 6" ball)
Styrofoam balls (depending on the size you want)
Object to trace for a circle
Hot glue gun
Floral pins and ribbon to hang 

Here are a few blog sites and websites we found very helpful for instructions:   

Don't let the costs of real pomander balls stop you from the look you are going for. There are always other inexpensive ways to gain the look you want, just may take more of your time, but with a few friends to help, you can whip these up in no time! Enjoy :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Feelin' Breezy~

Wanting at atmosphere of peace and calmness at your wedding reception? A common theme that Brides have been interested in is the airy, breezy feel. Maybe you would like to get married outdoors along the beach, but the costs of airfare, hotels, and all the other expenses that come into place for a destination wedding might not fit in your budget. You can still obtain this feel and welcome your guests to more of a casual, laid back setting for your wedding day. 

To be able to get the 'breezy' feel you are looking for, I recommend using shades of colors that remind you of the beach and/or outdoors...
tan=  sand  
blue=  ocean water
green=  leaves, trees
White, which means calm, is also an important color. It is plain but these colors stand off of white and suggest airy (just think of white sheets blowing in the wind). Think about how you feel when you are laying by the water. I know I feel relaxed and you don't care about a worry in the world. This is how you should feel on your day!

 If you plan your 'breezy' wedding outdoors, stick with a lighter dress. Especially if your wedding is scheduled during the months of Summer. Sorry hunny, but you won't last long in a dress with multiple layers of tulle! 

Using natural objects in your decor, such as flowers, twigs, leaves, seashells, and trees will give the outdoor feel. Seashells vary in colors, so this is a great add for a table centerpiece. 

Use these inspirations and ideas to come up with something you foresee as breezy and outdoorsy. Use your imagination and think of all the possibilities you can do to create your stay-cation, destination wedding!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Handcrafted Love.

Painted umbrella - great photo op!

I came across this wedding on The Perfect Wedding Guide website and absolutely loved their ideas! The couple chose a perfect color palette for a summer wedding - bright pink, yellow and tangerine (currently a top trendy color). The D.I.Y. projects completed by the Bride fulfilled the couple's idea of a handcrafted wedding.  
Hand painted wood sign to point your guests in the right direction.

Bride and Groom signs for their chairs.

Cute idea to fit the theme of your reception.

Handwritten chalkboard signs for the table numbers.

Thank you favors with your own personal touch.

Clothesline for guests to write down their wishes for the couple.

Thank You signs - perfect picture to send when thanking your guests for coming.

Easy projects such as these can be created by any Bride. You just need to grab the glue stick and scissors and begin researching your favorite blogs...or check Pinterest to see how creative you can get!

For more ideas, check out their website: