Saturday, December 14, 2013

Mad Hatter Tea Party

{The Party}

When the kids arrived, they dug right into the treats on the table! They chatted with each other and took in the fun experience. 

Special Guest, Cinderella, arrived at the party! Just in time to read to the kids and play a couple activities, including duck duck goose and a lesson how to curtsy. 

Before Cinderella had to ride off in her carriage, she signed autographs and took pictures with each of the kids. They absolutely loved it! 


Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate with Ella at the Mad Hatter Tea Party!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mad Hatter Tea Party

The birthday party for 3-year-old Ella was a complete success on Sunday! We have so much detail to show you and tell you about that this will be a two part blog (we don't want to overwhelm you). Hopefully we give you a little inspiration and show you other types of events we offer with our packages.

{The Details}

When entering the party, guests are greeted and instructed to grab a wand and enjoy the magic. 

The Story Time area was created for a special guest who attended the party where she could read to all the children. You'll have to read our next post to see who the special guest is!

What's a party without a Photobooth?! Mainly the adults took advantage of this area, but we got some creative shots of them participating in the fun we will share with you.

Jack and the Beanstalk was a fun activity for the kids to create their own beanstalk that they could take home to watch grow. The kids has markers to decorate the pots, and plant the magic seeds in the dirt.

The best part of all, the Mad Hatter Tea Party table! 

Each place setting was decorated with a china plate and a tea cup filled with a Cinderella Cupcake. The table was decorated with delicate ornaments hanging from tall, white trees. Themed treats filled the center of the table, including Peter Rabbit Garden Veggies, Storybook Tea Cheese Sandwiches, Fairy Dust Macaroons, Rapunzel Raspberry Tarts, and 3 Little Piggy Pudding, with Pinocchio Punch to drink. How cute are those names?

It was so fun to watch the kids enjoy themselves and be in awe of the experience!