Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Feelin' Breezy~

Wanting at atmosphere of peace and calmness at your wedding reception? A common theme that Brides have been interested in is the airy, breezy feel. Maybe you would like to get married outdoors along the beach, but the costs of airfare, hotels, and all the other expenses that come into place for a destination wedding might not fit in your budget. You can still obtain this feel and welcome your guests to more of a casual, laid back setting for your wedding day. 

To be able to get the 'breezy' feel you are looking for, I recommend using shades of colors that remind you of the beach and/or outdoors...
tan=  sand  
blue=  ocean water
green=  leaves, trees
White, which means calm, is also an important color. It is plain but these colors stand off of white and suggest airy (just think of white sheets blowing in the wind). Think about how you feel when you are laying by the water. I know I feel relaxed and you don't care about a worry in the world. This is how you should feel on your day!

 If you plan your 'breezy' wedding outdoors, stick with a lighter dress. Especially if your wedding is scheduled during the months of Summer. Sorry hunny, but you won't last long in a dress with multiple layers of tulle! 

Using natural objects in your decor, such as flowers, twigs, leaves, seashells, and trees will give the outdoor feel. Seashells vary in colors, so this is a great add for a table centerpiece. 

Use these inspirations and ideas to come up with something you foresee as breezy and outdoorsy. Use your imagination and think of all the possibilities you can do to create your stay-cation, destination wedding!

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