Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bible study notes

We had such a great discussion in our first study group. We reviewed the first 2 lesson of our booklet. Here are some of the questions, answers and great points our group had to offer.

Lesson 1
In this lesson the statement is made "our significance comes from God, not others". I find this a totally liberating statement. If I don't have to find all my value in what my husband thinks of me or my actions, then I am not looking to him for constant affirmation. What a burden lifted from his shoulders. When I know God provides me with my worth and self esteem I am not searching for what my husband cannot provide.

In Genesis, God created man, saw that it was not good for him to be alone, and then created a helper for him. We asked the question, "What do you think of when you hear the word helper?". We had a lot of good answers, but 1 that struck me, b/c I felt the same, was the word maid or assistant. That's what I think of as a helper. And, honestly, I don't have time to be someones maid! But, upon further review of the word, we realized that in order to be a helper to someone, you have to possess something of value that they do not possess.

To be a helper is an exalted position. You cannot help someone if you are less than them. Being in a position to help someone means you are in a place of power. And, this is a perfect lead in to lesson 2!

In Lesson 2, we read that Jesus, knowing He was from God and would return to God, asked himself what He could do here on earth. And his answer was serve. Is He less than us b/c He is our everpresent help in trouble? NO! He is in a place of power, and that is why He is able to help us. All of this to say that 1. We are to follow Christ's example to be a servant and 2. Being a helper to our husbands is a powerful thing!

Our first discussion question in lesson 2 was "What does the world teach us about submission?" Several ladies agreed that the world thinks we give up who we are if we submit, that it's a controling relationship or we are enslaved. The bible completely disagrees, as we will see throughout this study:).

This lesson is a building block to all that is yet to come. It is an intro into why we have to submit and who we have to submit to. I will make this very easy and clear.

We submit b/c we sinned. We submit to God, goverment rulers, husbands and others. Christ says in 1 Corinthians 11:3 The authority of every man is Christ, of every woman is man and the authority of Christ is God.
In everything God created, he wanted order. He does not like chaos. So to have structure in the family, he created order by having wives submit to their husbands. This study is mostly about the womens role, b/c it's a women's study. But Christ designed the marriage structure to be a cycle. If a husband is loving his wife like Christ loved the church and putting her needs in front of his own, than it is easy to submit to him b/c we know he is leading from a place of love.

As you go through this study, do not concentrate on what your husband is or is not doing. We will get to that part later:). Instead, focus on what God is saying to you. Strive to be the wife that God called you to be.

Ending thought:
From Lana Packer's 'Building love, joy and commitment'
"The Son of God is not inferior to the Father. Rather, the Son willingly submits to the Father's authority. They have different functions, but they are equal in essence and worth. Women are equal to men in their personhood, yet have different roles in the home."

We also discussed the practical applications in every lesson. I encourage you to read these at the begining of the week so that you can put them into practice as long as possible. The application for this week is to pray for a heart of submission at the start of each day. Take notes, or write in a journal, but try to observe what changes, good or bad, come from these practical applications. We will discuss them at the next lesson!


  1. How's your week starting out ladies? Are you doing the practical application each morning?

    How are the ladies who are only participating online doing?

  2. I was doing really well at first but when my husband wanted a certain Halloween costume & I wanted us to do another it was difficult for me. It's like I have no problem with submitting to my husband when it's what I want-- it's when I disagree with his decision that it is very challenging. I am praying that God gives me the strength during those times.