Friday, September 18, 2009

Real Wedding: Megan and Matt

Megan and Matt were married on June 20th. The reception was held at Century Plaza downtown. Megan had very specific likes! For example, she loves barbie pink, shoes and the kids she teaches. Here is how she incorporated all her loves into her wedding.
These shoes are absolutely adorable. And, peeking out of the bottom of her wedding dress, they made a fun statement. She took the shoe idea and incorporated it into her candy buffet at the reception as well.
To save on budget and not waste beautiful arrangements from Moore's flowers, the bride used her ceremony flowers at the reception as well. While all the guests were at the cocktail hour, we moved the ceremony balls to the reception guest tables. Good thinking!

Megan had all of her first graders write down their advice on marriage. She printed them on the backs of each table number and stuck it in the middle of each arrangement. This was a lot of fun for the guests to learn a little about Megan and Matt as a couple and get a few good laughs.
This is the candy buffet that Megan designed. She had great candies picked out. Some store bought, some home made, but all creatively displayed.
"The way you make a marriage work is don't sass him." Jane - Age 7
Another very creative idea was to have a gourmet burger bar. This was not just hamburgers! Corporate Caterers grilled hamburgers on site and then had a TON of different sauces, garnishes and breads. Megan made menus that sat at every place setting. The DJ, Accent Mobile, reminded everyone to pick their toppings before they went to eat.
Megan and Matt made is extra special by telling the guests their favorite flavor combinations. They named a few others as well. Guests really got to know a little bit about this couple at every turn!
"The best marriage advice is to choo with your mouth closed" Madison - Age 7
Finally, the bride and groom danced the night away with family and friends.
Congratulations Megan and Matt and thank you for letting us be a part of your special day.
And, a very special thank you to T&J Studios for letting us have these photos. As you can see, they do an amazing work!

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