Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ray's Party Rental Showroom

Last week, we spent our days with the team at Ray's Party Rental. We took apart their show room and put it back together. They approached us a few weeks ago to redecorate the show room for fall and transition into Christmas. We had a lot of fun.

But, as you look through these table set ups, remember that the goal was not elaborate design. The goal was to use the linens that they have in stock to produce unique color combinations and ideas to show people how to use linens in different ways. The goal was to rent stuff!

On this table set up, along with the first table show, we used grey as our focus. The first table is silver satin with black picture frames laid down and lamps put in the middle. Now, we would have loved to fill this table with bright red flowers, but this table will be up for weeks and they just wouldn't last. Then, on the second table we used metals as our inspiration. The silver cloth is combined with gold satin sashes wrapped around the chairs vertically and along the table top. Both tables are fairly contemporary in feel.

This table set up was very fall! We used golds and burnt oranges. Then we mixed the basic poly linens on bottom with crinkled satin linens on top to add some texture. We used 3 hurricane shades with pillar candles in the middle with gold chargers and fun fall accents. The chairs are ivory with gold sashes.
This table was too cute and just for the babies! Again, we used silver satin as our base (they have a lot of that in stock). We used metal boxes to stage our pumpkins at different heights. And we put pumpkin color kits at each setting for the kiddos to stay entertained. This is a great table for any event that has several kids.

We set up their tall bar with a signature drink arrangement on top. For the open house in November, we will fill these glasses with a green signature drink. We used orchids around to add color.

This table quickly became known as the peacock table. This was not our original vision, but the green crinkle satin was just a stunning color! And mixed with the teals, blues and purples of fall, we thought it was awesome. It's hard to get a great look, and because I am not a professional photographer, you will need to visit the show room to get the full effect of all these table arrangments!!!

Here is another setting you need to see to believe:). This is one of the beds that Rays rents. We covered it in a cloth, added low cocktail tables in matching eggplant, threw on some pillows and you have occassional seating. We added cream paper lanterns above each table to look like lamps. FUN FUN.

This table was set up as a long double sided guest table or head table. We did a little DIY project and added the Mr. and Mrs. signs to the chairs. We wanted to use the candelabras as centerpieces, but we wanted color as well. So we put brown wicker balls with red hydrangea in the center of each one and added candles on the smaller arms. We added silver chargers and red napkins and sashes.
The linen on this table has to be one of my favorites. The copper crushed satin, it's so beautiful. We used this linen to go from the fall section to the christmas section of the showroom. The tied a "flower" into the top of the linen so that no centerpiece was needed. Then, set it up as a place card table. One of our girls had fun naming all the guests. I think scrooge, baby Jesus, Kevin Mcallister and the Grinch were a few of the people invited:).
This is where we featured the stage and ceremony area. We did it in Christmas decor, but non-traditional colors. We picked copper, brown and red to tie into the fall theme in the rest of the show room. We love these new brown pillars that Rays just got in.
Over all, we had a lot of fun redoing all of this! You need to go by the showroom, even if it's just to take a peek! It looks SO much better in person!

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