Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bible Study Update

Ok, we have had a lot of ladies write in and tell us that they are very excited for the bible study. But, some girls are busy on Monday's. So, we are going to add a new element to the study of how to be a good wife.

We are going to get everyone the book, whether or not they can attend, so they can do the lessons at home. Throughout the week, we are going to ask all members to post thoughts, comments, realizations, struggles or anything they are going through on our blog. This will be a great way for us to experience this study together. And, on Tuesdays, we will post on our blog the discussion highlights from the Monday night group.

We want to include anyone that is interested. And this will give people the opportunity to hear what God's word has to say about being a wife even if they can't attend.

So if you are interested in doing the bible study with us, but cannot attend the meetings, send me your contact info to get the booklet to you. We will start out first blog post Tuesday October 6th.

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