Thursday, November 13, 2008

Event Lighting

We are often asked what people can do to transform their reception space so that it doesn't look like every other wedding that's been there. One thing we always suggest is lighting, lighting, lighting! LED lighting allows for specific areas of a reception to be lit, such as a stage or dance floor. But they also allow for fun elements like throwing a pattern all over the ceiling and walls to create an amazing atmosphere. You can do anything from all red lighting transforming the space into a contemporaty lounge feel, or washing the room in amber lights to create a romantic feel. The great thing about LED lighting is it can all change with the push of a button. You can have a romantic dinner with amber lighting and then once the dance starts turn the lights to a pattern of mixed colors all over the room for a night club atmosphere. Another benefit to lighting is that you can highlight special accents in the room. If you have a dance floor monogram, beautiful floral centerpieces or any other special item, they look their best when highlighted with specialty lighting. We suggest sitting down with your event designer or a lighting expert to determine the lighting that will best compliment your event and budget.

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