Monday, January 5, 2009

Preferred Vendor- Adorn Brides

Why settle for wearing fake jewelry when you can borrow the real thing!

From your engagement to your wedding day—let it all begin with diamonds. rents exquisite diamond jewelry to compliment any style. Brides are now able to use this exclusive service that Hollywood red carpet goers have enjoyed for years. Prices range from $90--$1,500 and up depending on the retail value of the pieces you select.

You can relax—the process is so easy! In fact, renting jewelry from Adorn Brides will be one of the least stressful parts of planning your wedding. Unlike figuring out how to keep your new mother-in-law from crossing paths with your high school ex at the reception, the process is complete in four easy steps and requires no diversion tactics.

  1. Go shopping at and pick out the pieces you love.
  2. Check out using a credit card and reserve the jewelry for your event date.
  3. Look amazing wearing the jewelry on your wedding day. (Your photos will last a lifetime…and yes, you can tell when you wear the real thing!)
  4. Send it back on the first business day after your event using packaging Adorn provides for you.

Be sure to make your reservation as soon as possible because pieces can book up (reserve at least 3 weeks ahead of time…the more the better.) Questions? Adorn has great personalized customer service and will answer any questions you have via email or phone in a very timely manner.

Remember, your jewelry will be the very last thing you put on before you walk down the aisle to meet your future husband—soak in the memory and make it special with real diamond jewelry.

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