Monday, April 6, 2009

The Macbeth Collection- Blog Contest

We want you to give us your best idea for using a Macbeth Collection container for a wedding event. What would you put in it? How would you make it look? What would you use it for. Get creative and give us your best idea!

Winner wins a $25 gift certificate for a bucket or item of your choice. We will accept ideas until May 1st and the winner will be announced May 4th.

Here is what the company says about themselves on their website.

"The formula for MacBeth's success also comes from a steady, quality-driven production and up-to-the-minute designs influenced by reinterpreting classic patterns. All prints are exclusive and are designed & manufactured in-house. The development of designing and decoupaging the patterns onto metal is a specialized, time-sensitive process that demands perfection which Josephs oversees. Currently, the design portfolio combines more than 200 patterns ranging from stripes to paisley to skulls with virtually every print available to match each product."

The Macbeth Collection is a cute idea for any of your gift-giving needs, from baby showers to weddings.

You can order anything you want through Jubilation Events with a 20% discount. To do this, email us at


  1. well for our wedding we wanted our guests to walk away with something special, so we decided to skip the usual chocolate favors and go with something we knew that we and our guests would enjoy, we decided to make a compilation cd of our favorite songs, including the song i will walk down the isle to...i have been trying to figure out what to hold the 200+ cds in and this is the perfect idea....i love the window box tin, it is the perfect size and can also be designed in our colors (orange and brown)...It is the perfect solution for my problem =)

  2. 1. Fill it with goodies (cookies, body sprays, jewelry, lotions, etc) and that good be the gift to the bridal party.

    2. Use it as a table decoration at the reception.

    3. Use it as an ice box for wine/drinks.

    4. The flower girl could put her petals in it.

    5. Fill it with bird seed, bubbles, petals, etc. for the when the couple leaves the ceremony/reception.

    6. Use it on the cake table to hold mints/nuts.

    7. The program attendants could put their programs in it (instead of just holding them while they pass out the programs).

    Random ideas!

    Christa Buerki