Tuesday, November 16, 2010

DIY: Chalkboards

Fun new trend for weddings…Chalkboards. Whether you have a chalkboard theme or just want to use chalkboards as a fun detail, here are some ideas you can incorporate.
 use a chalkboard in your engagement photos (Save the date…, Future Mr. and Mrs.)

 chalkboard wedding and reception welcome sign to point your guests in the right direction

 small chalkboards can be used to label different areas of the reception (gift table, photobooth)

 large chalkboards can be used as menu boards; you can list courses or available finger foods (small boards can be used on the food table so guest know which finger food is which)

 chalkboards can be used to notify guests of their seat assignments as well as table numbers

 small boards (3.5x5 or smaller) with guests names and table numbers

 large boards can be used to list guests and their table assignments

 tables can be numbered using larger boards (5x7 or larger) on stands or smaller boards (4x6) integrated into the centerpieces

DIY: We took a few different shapes of mirrors and old paintings and turned them info chalk boards. Here are a few pics of the transformation!

This is the original mirror.  First we taped off the mirror portion to prime and paint the frame.  We used spray paint so that we could get into all the little tight spaces.

Once that was dry, we primed and painted the chalk surface.  We used chalk board spray paint from our local Home Depot.  The primer was one that the paint associate recommended.  The grey helped with coverage of the black chalk board paint.

This is the finished project!  We made a bunch of different shaped boards, hung them from shephards hooks down the ceremony aisle with a love poem written on them.  It was super cute! (and, it was a long aisle!)
Our friends at T&J Studio's took pics, so when they are done, we will put one up here for you!

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  1. Hello, this mirror you have turned into a chalkboard is amazing.. I love the frame! I bet these do make a beautiful touch to weddings. I hope it's okay, I've featured your beautiful chalkboard in a round-up along with some other clever chalkboard paint crafts and home decor projects. You can see it here:


    Thank you so much for sharing!