Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Country-Chic Wedding

    We saw this idea for personalized handkerchief invitations at and loved it! To ensure that all of your handkerchiefs are one-of-a-kind, try searching Ebay for some vintage designs rather than purchasing at a craft store. These are a unique and creative way to invite your loved ones to your country-chic wedding.

    DIY Cork Board: A great way to stick with your theme while also showing off you and your fiancé's personalities. You will need:
    • LOTS of corks
    • Super glue
    • A picture frame

     Lay out your corks on the backing of the picture frame to make sure they all fit.  If they do not, you can adjust the size by using a knife to cut down some of the corks.  Once you have your design laid out and you are sure everything fits, glue down the corks one by one.  Let your board dry, then stick the backing in the frame. Add some pictures and your board is complete!

    Rice/favor holder from 

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