Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How to Write Thank-You Notes

Somewhere between childhood's chore of sitting down to write a thank-you on bright colored paper to the ease of just shooting off an email, we forgot etiquette's art of writing a thank-you note.  And grandma is not pleased.  Now that you are a grownup, an email will not do, and more is expected out of you than, "Thanks for the present, you rock!"

Thank-you note-writing is a lovely tradition that has been near-forgotten in this information age.
So, let's revive a little gracious living, shall we?

1.  Be Timely

A thank-you note should be sent within two weeks of the engagement party or shower and eight        weeks upon returning from the honeymoon.

2.  Be Personal

Do not say, "Thank you for the blender."
Rather, express genuine gratitude:  "Dear Bill and Susan,  It was wonderful seeing you at our wedding!  The blender you gave us was such a thoughtful gift...."

3.  Mention Past, Allude to Future

Express the joy of the receiver's presence at your wedding.  Also, tell them of how you plan to use the gift in the future.
"The coffee maker will prove to be a wonderworker for Brad in the mornings--you know how he needs his coffee!  Thank you for thinking of my sanity."

4.  Send Note for Number of Gifts Received

If Aunt June sends you a gift for you engagement, bridal shower, and the wedding, send her three notes--one for each gift.

Now, get it in the mail.

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