Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I Spy!!

Disposable cameras are a cute idea and fun for the guests. They're especially fabulous for keeping younger guests entertained throughout the night. Sadly though, sometimes they either: a) don't get used, or b) the pictures are all too dark/blurry/etc to get a good picture. It's quite sad. But fear not! For here is a great idea that: a) gets the pictures used up, and b) creates specific subjects to seek out- and yet even with the same subject, each picture will have a brilliantly different angle and point of view :) 

Check it out here on Pinterest

An interactive guestbook! After the wedding, you could hang this as an art piece in your home.
Check it out here on Pinterest

Don't forget to have some hand wipes or a damp cloth in the immediate vicinity for guests to clean excess ink (in your wedding colors) off of their thumbs. Also, be sure to have a few skinny pens or sharpies on hand for name signing around each thumb print.

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