Monday, March 19, 2012

{Orange and Gray Palette}

Jubilation's is finalizing wedding details for what will be a "nightclub feel" wedding in the middle of May. The couple- very professional, clean lines, and a strong vision of what they want their day to look like, has gone the direction for an upcoming trend. A bright color paired with gray is a stunning color palette with lots of options. With many shades of orange and gray to choose from, our couple has decided on a bright orange with a subtle shade of gray; similar to the images. After our floral design meeting last week, the couple has given me lots of inspiration for this blog post. This is becoming one of our favorite color combinations, as you can pick just about any color and pair it with gray to fit your personality. We can't wait to see the final product in May! 

"A pale neutral matched with a bold accent color makes for a beautiful and unexpected combination." - Project Wedding


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