Wednesday, May 1, 2013

{Our Idea of an Outdoor Wedding}

What Bride doesn't dream of an outdoor wedding? It's the perfect setting, especially if you time the ceremony or reception just right, you're lucky to catch those romantic photos at sunset - you know, the ones you see in magazines?! The possibilities are endless to make your dreams come true. Just be sure you have the resources (property, budget, etc) before you begin creating your fairytale. 

Outdoor weddings can be more of a budget crasher compared to the common wedding taken place in a church and a reception hall. You have to think in terms of creating something from the ground up - stable ground to where you won't need a floor installed (you won't want the mother of the Groom sinking in her heels), options for a dance floor, renting the guest chairs and tables, hanging decor, and certainly can't forget about coverage. 

A major factor of an outdoor wedding is the weather and the time of year. Be sure to have a rain plan (or even a snow plan) in place, especially in Kansas! 

Here are a few of our favorite ideas for an outdoor wedding:

 Happy Planning!

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