Thursday, June 16, 2011

Saving Face


Whether you're a wedding guest or the one saying I do, there are makeup Do's and Don'ts that must be followed.  Wearing too much to a simple ceremony will leave people with the impression that you are trying too hard.  But not wearing enough makeup to a formal wedding will leave you looking like the Miss Havisham homebody who never gets out.
With that, some guidelines:

The Laid-Back Wedding:   If this is a casual affair, you can usually get away with more and showing individual style is accepted in this setting.  So if you like to play with your make-up, now is the time!  So bright colors, a poppy shade on the cheeks or lips, or a jewel-toned eyeliner are all fun, fresh options.

The Outdoor Affair:  Invited to nuptials on the hottest day of the year?  Be sure you have SPF and that your foundation won't get cakey.  Go for a tinted moisturizer and brush a light powder on top to avoid a shiny face in the sunlight.  Skip the lipstick.  And to give your eyes a wide-eyed look, curl your lashes.

After Hours Soiree:  A late, formal wedding involves dressing to the nines.  Remove the day's make-up buildup and give your face a fresh glow.  Apply a luminizer on the cheekbones and a facial highlighter on the brow.  Create a dramatic eye with a fat eyeliner pencil and a thick coat of mascara.  Or, if applying that much on your eyes is too much for you, keep your eyes neutral and play up the lips with a fun coral color.

Time-Crunched Commute:  Just woke up from a "short nap" with only five minutes to get ready and a thirty minute drive?  Jump in your car and go.  At the first stop sign, sweep a bronzer on your cheeks.  At the next red light, apply a rosy shade on your eyes.  This will warm up and freshen your face.  Hit your eyelashes with a curler at the next stop you make.  It is quicker and less messy than trying to fumble around with mascara.  Finally, while walking from your car, put on a tinted gloss or lip color.

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