Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Party: Sundae Best

There are countless benefits to throwing a summer ice cream party--including getting to say, "I'm having an ice cream social!" in your most wholesome Leave It To Beaver voice.  When it comes to this event, you can make your party as casual or as elaborate as you wish!  Even the most elaborate ice cream party is pretty easy to put on.

The simpler the ice cream choices, the crazier you can get with the toppings.  Of course, you will have the typical hot fudge, marshmallow sauce, caramel, and strawberry sauce.  But don't be afraid to have some fun with it!  Add fresh fruit bowls, granola, various candy bar pieces, and even some broken up pretzels and nuts.

And before inviting the whole neighborhood, think about how many people you can realistically host.
Be sure you have enough for everybody!
Count on each person eating three 1/2 cup scoops.  That will make 1 1/2 cups per person.

Happy scooping!


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