Monday, December 26, 2011

Top 25 Design Trends for 2012- pt. 4

Light It Up
Lighting design will continue to rise. Whether using a pin spot to accent a centerpiece,a color wash to highlight an entire wall, uplighting, lit tables and trees, or gobos to stencil a pattern, monogram, or name in lights, lighting creates a scene like nothing else.
The "Unbook" Guestbook
Brush aside the standard book and use photo scrapbooks, framed sports jerseys, a quilt, old fashioned typewriter, mailbox with postcards or a wishing tree for guestbooks.
Thumbprint Guestbook
Nighttime Nuptials
Outdoor, evening weddings are a great way to combat a summer heat wave, create an aura of romance, or stand apart from other weddings and events. Hanging crystals in trees, using candlelight and well-placed lighting create ambiance and highlight the natural environment.
Nighttime Outdoor Wedding

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