Monday, January 2, 2012

Top 25 Design Trends for 2012- pt. 5

Old World Elegance
The royal wedding this past year has inspired a return to old world elegance. The look ranges from sleek and traditional to ethereal and ivory- accented with invitations with thick card stock, hanging chandeliers, draping, rich fabrics, sliver, gold, crystal and lace for an opulent, regal look.
Old World Wedding
Trees- and Other Natural Elements
The trend toward adding natural decor elements to weddings saw a new twist at the royal wedding with the use of trees. Brides can purchase or rent trees, container gardens, potted plants and flowers- a trend that's both beautiful and eco-friendly as they can be returned or replanted as a lifelong memory of a special day.
Wedding with Natural Elements
The Royal Wedding
Eco- Friendly Elements
Green isn't just a color, it's a way of life. And that's true in the wedding world as well. We'll continue to see sustainability, organic and biodegradable products, and an emphasis on lessening carbon footprints. Green registries offer eco- friendly gifts or charity options for couples to register for or consider as party favors. LED lighting, recycled papers for invitations and programs, second-hand clothing for the bridal party, repurposed design elements, local and seasonal foods or floral, and hiring local vendors are just some of the ways to ensure a green day.
Eco- Friendly Wedding
Dance Floor Designs
Custom- made dance floors give the wedding party and guests something special on which to kick up their heels. Couples are no longer limited to traditional dance floors. Today's options include white floors with customized monograming, themed floors incorporation wedding designs and colors, as well as recessed areas filled with decor elements and lighting. from colors to patterns to placement, everything is customizable. Those wanting to create a party atmosphere can even choose interactive dance floors or cocktail table tops filled with opposing biochromatic liquids that swirl and move when you apply pressure!

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