Tuesday, August 28, 2012

{Wedding Draperies}

Make a statement. Be inviting. Create an atmosphere. 

 All of these statements can be created with the simple touches of draperies. They can turn any dull reception hall into a romantic presence for you and your guests. The atmosphere will seem inviting and give you the fairytale look you've always dreamed of. 

Here are some of our favorite ceiling treatments, some of which we've done for past weddings.

Create a dramatic look to the center of the reception hall. Hope your ready for your guests to be in awe of the romantic presence this look can create.

There are many ways to hang drapes. We certainly like to create ceiling treatments like the picture to the left. If you have high ceilings, the wave look can help hide the empty space above. This makes the room look inviting and more full.

Create a backdrop for your head table, with one or more colors of drapes. This look definitely brings attention to the Bride and Groom and their wedding attendants. 


Create a pattern - crisscross down the center of your ceremony aisle or create this look over the dance floor at your reception.

The dance floor is where you want most of the events take place at your reception - grand entrance, first dance, all of which are wonderful photo opts for your guests. Draw focus by draping the corners of the dance floor to ensure your guests of where to look. (and to kick off their dancing shoes!)

The possibilities can be endless when it comes to ceiling treatments. Even a little design can create a whole new look for your ceremony or reception. 
Be creative and make a statement!

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