Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Color Palette

From the moment you get engaged, your mind wonders in 20 directions, not forgetting that you are officially a Bride - When will I go shopping for my dress? What about a venue to hold all of our guests? Who will be my Bridesmaids?  As you know, many elements take place during the beginning phase of wedding planning. But there is one element of a wedding that most of you Brides don't think about right away. This can be one of the most important decisions to make so you can continue with your planning processes. This being a color palette. 

With thousands of colors being in the rainbow, Brides usually have a back and forth argument that may take months to finalize. You may listen to the opinions of your fiance, family or friends, which make your decision even more difficult. This is something you and your Groom need to decide upon. What colors fit YOUR personalities, what are YOUR likes and dislikes, and etc. This is the most important day in your life, so pick a palette that you won't end up regretting because your mother-in-law likes it best.

After some web browsing and searching through Pinterest boards, we found a few of our favorite color palettes. Depending on the time of year you've chosen for your wedding, there can be many choices: romantic shades for a Winter wedding, subtle Fall or Spring hues, or vibrant Summer colors. Use these ideas or pull colors from various palettes and see what combination you can come up with - the sky is the limit, so YOU be the judge!


Happy wedding planning!!

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