Friday, October 26, 2012

Traditional and the Unexpected

Bridal showers are boring. You’ve been to one, you’ve been to them all, we know. You’re stressed and sick of planning everything from the dress to napkins, but don’t worry...we’re here to help you throw a shower that your friends will talk about for years — in a positive way.

The ability to throw an amazing event is an essential part of every public relations pro’s bag of tricks and that's where we step in! It’s like we always say, you can’t wait around for news to break, you’ve got to make it happen. Events are a great way to bring some positive press to your brand and give a fun reward to your customers — or in this case, your bridal shower guests.

The secret to success is the ability to merge the traditional and the unexpected.

Let’s start with the fun part, the unexpected.
No bride wants to have the same boring shower as their friend. Come up with a fun theme, such as the 1920s. Beaded fringe and cigarette holders are a little more exciting than making a ribbon and bow bouquet. Include table decorations with artwork picturing flappers and Victorian-stye photographs.

The kicker for the unexpected...a D.I.Y. photo booth is a great surprise for your guests to take pictures; an activity to capture memories and a souvenir for guests to take home, all in one.

These unexpected touches can separate your shower from other showers. The elements that not only can make the party fun, but so much fun that the guests will actually say they've enjoyed when it's over. And that, ladies, is how you make PR success.

But you don’t want to get too unique or you’ll make your guest feel uncomfortable — especially when one of those guests is your 80-year-old Grandma. This is where the traditional comes into play.
The traditional is what people relate to.

Traditions bring up memories and are basically responsible for a lot of the warm and fuzzy feelings you want your guest to have toward your event. It’s also what helps set their expectations. Start by serving traditional brunch fair and beverages, even if it doesn't pertain to your chosen theme. Danishes, bagels, fruits and veggies, or quiches are a light and airy treat for an early-in-the-day shower. Don't forget about the cake and punch! These traditions are what shower-goers look forward to, and removing them completely can be a mistake.

The traditional and the unexpected are the yin and yang of event planning. Too much of one and things get boring or repetitive. Together, "the party has been perfected" (Jubilation's motto), whether you’re planning a bridal shower, baby shower, or a bachelorette party. 


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