Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Will You Be My Bridesmaid?


It is more than acceptable to take your friends to lunch and ask them to be your bridesmaids. Or you can get crazy and whip up a fabulous little box full of goodies like this project I found! If some of your bridesmaids-to-be lived far away from you, you don't want to text them and ask them to play a major role in your wedding. Instead, give them something they will cherish forever for your special day.

Visit your local craft store (Hobby Lobby, Micheal's, or JoAnne's) and purchase some unfinished cigar boxes. You can buy these online as well. Paint the boxes with a pastel color or if you have chosen your wedding colors, those work great too. You may have to apply two to three coats to cover up the natural wood. Apply paint inside the box too. After this is dry, use a pencil and freehand the bracket on the inside lid. If you aren't comfortable free-handing, use a template and trace. 

You can use a few sets of playfully calligraphic adhesive letters, which can be picked up at your local craft store. Before filling it with goodies, apply one to two coats of satin varnish over the letters for protection.

Then it was time to tackle the contents. Line the bottom of the boxes with vintage handkerchiefs. It's a good idea to lay out all the details about the wedding as well. A delightful detail is to purchase scalloped postcards to print on. Lay out all of your information in a Word document, making sure each postcard is a different length, which allows you to cut, then bundle. 

In the boxes, place photos of an inspiration board and even paint chips to show your color scheme. Photos of you and each of your bridesmaids are a neat way to show a memory you had together as friends. This is such a fun and unique way to ask your favorite ladies to be part of your special day. A lot of work is involved, but your besties will love it!

We would love to know how you plan on asking your bridesmaids. Share the details with us by leaving a comment below.

Happy Planning!

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