Thursday, August 13, 2009

10/10/2010....closer than you think!

We have had a lot of fun dates the last few years. For us, it started with 7/7/07 and just keeps going. 10/10/10 just happens to fall on a Sunday. But, the following Monday is Columbus day, so if your guests work for a bank or school, they'll be fine!

We wanted to put this blog out now because with such a popular date we didn't want you ladies thinking you could put off plans "because you have so much time". NOT TRUE. It's simple supply and demand. Vendors and venues are going to be in high demand for that date. So don't put off booking the people you want because they could be gone soon.

Ok...enough lecturing. We want to hear some fun ideas for incorporating the "10" theme into your wedding. We've heard, "perfect 10", but we want some really original ideas. If you have a monogram with "10" incorporated into it, or if you have a unique way you are going to arrange tables, anything....we want to hear it!
If you don't want to post your ideas online, email them to us at

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