Friday, August 28, 2009

Trends we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE...(and some we don't)

Today Stacey is telling us all about what she loves, hates and thinks we will be seeing for a while, when it comes to weddings. I'm going to post mine later this week. But, it's funny that we pretty much see eye to eye on most things! That's probably why we work so well together.

Ok, here is goes....

Wedding Trends I Love (by Stacey)

Photographers blogs: Good photographers get to know the bride and groom and can express their personalities through photographs. I like their blogs because I want to know their perspective and I am able to see the wedding day through someone else’s eyes.

Inspiration boards: This is essence of creativity and design. I love making these to help inspire brides to think “outside of the box”.

Creative Invitation Designs: Let’s face it, this is the first thing guests will see in regards to your wedding day so make a statement. I like the use of patterns and intricate designs.

Bold Color Schemes: Love, Love, Love. Black, eggplant, apple green, teal, hot pink (yes I said hot pink… done in the right way). Even a black and white wedding can make a statement if you distribute the colors in an exciting way.

Monochromatic flowers: What a great way to bring texture to your bouquets and centerpieces without sacrificing your color theme. It’s fun and adds excitement to your flowers.

DIY Projects: For years grandma was put in charge of making a few things to save some money, but today brides are more creative than ever. There are hundreds of DIY projects that make your wedding your own and its something that has come back and will stay.

Unusual Venues: This is something that can be difficult, but not impossible. It just takes effort in creativity. Mansions, museums, yachts, farm, vineyard, public gardens, private homes just to name a few. We once put a tent inside of a gym… yes, a gym.

Lighting: Want to transform your reception into a magazine wedding? Use lighting. I can’t encourage it enough!

Customized Ring Bearer Pillows: We do them! Why use the same kind of pillow that EVERYONE uses?? Be creative and customize your own pillow with your colors and embellishments.

80’s Songs: Not sure if this is a “trend”, but I love it anyway. I don’t know why, but everyone knows the lyrics and your guests can sing the night away on the dance floor.

Wedding Trend that are Out!

Choreographed First Dance: We’ve all seen it, whether in person or on YouTube watching bride and grooms break out into “It’s getting hot in here”. Yes they are fun, but it just won’t last.

Stargazer Lilies: There are so many other flowers that are much more trendy and up to date.

Pastels: Say good bye to light blue as “something blue” and say hello to navy blue. Rich gem colors like plum, amber, bronzes and coppers are the new thing.

Wedding Trends with a shelf life

Chocolate Brown and _____: I don’t think incorporating brown into your color scheme will ever go out of style. It’s dark enough to make bright colors pop and it brings on a style of its own.

Cocktail Hours: There is no better way to get your guests mingling than to serve them cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. So much of the wedding includes formality so this can be the time to let your guests get comfortable before the dancing begins.

Candy/Dessert Bars: Instead of personalizing a favor for each place setting, you can choose to personalize your own candy/dessert bar. These get more and more innovative and delicious so I don’t see this kind of bar phasing out.

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