Monday, August 31, 2009


I have had a lot of questions about honeymoons lately. Our couples are exploring new options for their honeymoons. Some of the things we have seen them do or ask about are:

1. Taking other couples along on the honeymoon.

One of our planners said that she wishes she would have taken a couple or two along with them. While she had a great time, it would have been nice to have people their to go out with. My suggestion is to just have a talk with the couples and remind them that there will be times when you and your new spouse will want to be alone. Don't be afraid to say that you are doing your own thing at any time.

2. Going to all inclusive resorts.

While this is not a new honeymoon experience. We have seen a lot of couples going back to this option with the economy the way that it is. Our couples are liking the idea of paying one price for everything and being able to budget for that amount. We do offer Sandals and Beaches honeymoon planning. There are so many great resorts to choose from. All alcohol, food, room and water sports are included at every resort. At some resorts, golf is also included. When we arrange the honeymoon for you, sometimes the resort will throw in free volcano tours or something similar. You can go to our website

and click the sandals link to get more details about each location.

3. Waiting on the honeymoon.

Some couples are considering waiting to go on the honeymoon. They are opting to travel in less peak seasons. While I think this is a good cost saver, I would still suggest getting away in some form. If you are planning to take a big trip later in the year, you can take a small weekend get-a-way to a nearby city. The important thing is that you spend some quality time together, it doesn't really matter where you are!

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