Thursday, February 23, 2012

It's a piece of cake...or is it??

No matter whose wedding it is, if I'm not in the bridal party, it seems like I always get picked to be the cake cutter. Are the feelings mutual? No one likes this job but we do it to relieve stress for the Bride and Groom. Nowadays, couples have been choosing to take the easy route...CUPCAKES! They're stylish, delicious and even less of a mess! Cupcakes can be designed to fit your wedding- more color options, choose several different flavors to fit your taste buds, and you can even coordinate the cupcake wrapper to match.

You have the option for customization and beautiful designs when it comes to cupcakes. You can have your top tier be a regular cake so you can have the traditional cake cutting photo-op, then be able to preserve the top tier for your first anniversary. Here are a few of my favorite ideas how to display cupcakes at your event!

- Swirl design with a little detail

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- The sign tops it off

 - Decorate your stand to show the theme of your wedding

- Pearls...need I say more

If you and your Groom can't make a desicion on cake flavors because they taste so good, never eliminate the option of cupcakes! There are so many more options you can do with this fast-growing trend!!

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