Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Lover's Holiday

 {Valentine's Day}

Every February 14th, across the United States and in other places around the world, candy, flowers and gifts are exchanged between the ones you love. People who are a fan of this day filled with love agree it is the most romantic day of the year. I'm sure most of you brides can agree with this statement since you've had the opportunity to spend at least one Valentines with your Groom or your special someone. 
 As you'll find that Valentine's Day rarely  falls on a Saturday, so making the most romantic day of the year be the day you say 'I Do' might not realistically fall on February 14th.  

Valentine's Day is synonymous with pink and red. Also, purple represents love at first sight, so it's becoming more of a familiar color. Depending on your style, you can go with this traditional palette or do something unexpected.  For example, choose a classic black and white palette and add hints of red or pink. Another way to make these romantic hues stylish is to go for contrast. Think deep crimson paired with a light pink. 


~Inspire YOUR day~

 To get started, think about Valentine's Day and what it means to you and your Groom.Find inspiration from your own LOVE story-- how you met or what your history is together.  

Red roses are a sign of love
-A few ways how you can incorporate the colors of Valentine's-




 the PERFECT touch
Add a little of your own taste to your event; leave handwritten notes for your guests or send them homemade chocolate truffles or candy suckers with a personalized message. Make each detail more meaningful, similar to how your first Valentine's was with your Groom. These simple touches will remind your guests as to why they are celebrating your day of love and joy...or when they spent this lover's holiday with their special someone. 

 Take these tips we have given you and make them fit your definition of Valentine's Day because it will be your most romantic day of the year.  

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