Wednesday, February 29, 2012 first sight.

- Enter on a bed of rose petals
The moment that all of your guests will remember from your wedding day is how you looked when they first saw you; your beautiful white gown, how your hair was pinned up or down, and that surprise smile on your face as you stepped out and saw your handsome Groom at the end of the aisle.  

The aisle? You know that magical place when you first see your future husband or the moment when all of your guests rise in your honor, yeah that aisle. We never put much thought into it and when we actually think about it, it's a rather big deal. You may walk down the aisle in a church, could be in your parent's backyard, or on the beach somewhere. No matter the location, this is a major focal point for you, your Groom and your guests. Here are a few ideas how you can spruce up your aisle...

                                                            - Tall vases to add height
- Hang flower balls by ribbon or pearls

Whichever your theme might be, there are several ways to add simple, decorative touches to the aisle you will be walking down. Use candles to add a romantic mood in the church, incorporate your flowers for more detail on the beach, or use natural resources such as twigs, rocks or sand if they follow your rustic/chic theme. Just remember, you will remember this moment forever!

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